High Speed Automatic Mixer

Up to 1,000kg mixing capacity. Under 3 minutes.
Specially designed to mix soil, sand and cement.

People seem clueless on the fact that in order to have a high quality brick with high output relies more on the mixer than the press machine. Ask yourself this question - if the press needs to produce 500 bricks in one hour, the mixer should be able to do more than 500 bricks in one hour right? So there will be no buffer time between the pressing and mixing processes. Ask yourself another question - how well do you know that your ordinary pan mixer that was purchased off the market can mix the soil and sand homogeneously? Did you know that without a good mix, it leaves a significant difference on the bricks’ quality? Our mixer is powered by a 25hp motor, with long lasting shaft blade that is able to mix up to 1000kg (yes, that is 1 ton), in under 3 minutes.
Any process that took longer than 5 minutes is under-design.


Soil Crusher

Crushed raw soils to the finest.
Using the finest blade materials.

Sourcing stone crushers is easy, although the same cannot be said for soil crushers. Most crushers cannot produce a fine enough output. The finest output possible is very important to produce nice looking finishes on the bricks as well as bricks with the required strength. Finer soil also enable the cement to bind better with the clay and sand element in the soil.
High speed crush produces high quality bricks.


Weighing Station

Every batch of soil and sand is weighed.
Giving the most consistent strength
and dimension.

When we first found out that the only way to produce bricks with consistent strength and dimension is to weigh it before pressing it, we feel obliged to design a weighing station for the most important element of the raw materials which are soil and sand. Our weighing station comes with the latest pneumatic and weighing sensor technology that can give consistent accuracy with a tolerance of only 1-2%. As a result, you would mix the exact amount of soil and sand for every batch of mix, effortlessly.

Now, don’t give us that crap.Your people would never weigh the soil and sand manually using bucket pail, would they?


Cement Silo

Cement stored securely.

The problem with cement is it is fine like ash. To ensure the cement didn’t suffer losses over the air, we have to keep it under closed silo. No further explanation required.


Elevator Box

Eliminating buffer time
by lifting whole batch of soil and sand
directly to the mixer with just one drop.


Screw Conveyor

Deliver cement powder directly from cement silo to the mixer.

We admit it. We are not a 50 years old company. There are parts that we couldn’t design or fabricate perfectly due to the lack of prototyping time. We decided to source directly from the WAM Group, the number 1 screw conveyor supplier in the world. The rest is just not reliable.



Solid enough to place
a heavy mixer on top.

One of the problems our previous client had with erecting a plant is the large area required to place the machinery which translated to higher cost in plant construction. We designed this platform to work with the elevator box - so we can reduce the machine’s area required for the plant. This solid platform was designed for just one purpose - to save on the plant’s footprint.



Filter small stones out of the soil source.

To produce fine quality compressed soil bricks - soil with as little gravel as possible is preferred. This rotary sieving machine is just designed to filter the gravels and the fine soils to be separated before going into the weighing and mixing process.


Conveyor Belt

Deliver materials from one machine
to another - automatically.

Conveyor belts are vital in any production line. Not only it can ensure continuous production flow in mass production factory but also it may avoid the worker to carry material from one machine to another – which can lead to worker’s demotivation. All of our conveyors are of the highest quality and have been engineered and programmed from one machine output to another machine input to ensure there is no buffer in between the machines.


Distributor Conveyor

Distribute mixed materials to several AutoPress machines.

This conveyor has been designed with one purpose - to distribute materials from the mixer to the press machines. The speed is fast enough to carry all the materials from mixer straight to the press machine so the automatic mixer won’t have to wait to do the next batch of mixing.